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Software Engineer — Typescript

Software Engineer — Typescript

What you will do

We work as an agile and highly collaborative product team that includes both design and engineering. You and the team will have a clear mission and ownership of the product and the customer experience. At Insurello we optimize for quality, flow and customer value. We have a long term view of what we build, but deliver new features and improvements continuously for fast feedback and time to market. Each week the product team organizes a two hour workshop dedicated to planning and design review. The team continuously reviews all code that becomes a part of the product and we value clarity, reliability and focus when we review. We aim to always move in the right direction and to always make the best decision with the facts at hand. We want to build a team that is inclusive and open and feels a strong ownership and dedication for the things they build.


At Insurello we take great pride in our dedication to functional languages and technologies. We believe that strongly typed languages and functional methodologies gives safety, reliability and is fun to work with. To us, functional programming is a competitive advantage and all the code we write aims to be strongly typed, testable and referentially transparent.

- Our backend systems consists of multiple services that communicate using message queues. The core of our architecture is event based.

- We apply domain driven design and ideas like event sourcing and a distributed systems
mindset when we architect our systems.

- You will be responsible for multiple systems and work with a wide variety of technologies and tools.

- You will also have operational responsibility for the code that you build and deploy. We use AWS, Docker and continuous delivery to Elastic Container Service in our production system.

- Data protection, security, reliability and correctness is our main concerns.

Some of the technologies you will be working with:

- Typescript
- Node.js
- Docker
- RabbitMQ
- PostgreSQL


Who you are

- You are ambitious and hard working and appreciate the opportunity (and responsibilities) of working in an early stage start-up. You are passionate about your job and the customer
experience that you help create.

- You are a team player that feels at home in a collaborative and agile team. You take no pride in being right or wrong and are open minded. You like challenges and trying new things and are not frightened or frustrated by a rapidly changing environment. You like discussing solutions to hard or ambitious problems and you always stay objective and focused.

- We are looking for someone with a solid engineering background that is experienced and
shares our passion for building great products.

You should have

- Bachelor degree or equivalent work life experience in Computer Science or a related technical field.

-  Great communication and interpersonal skills.

-  A sane work-life balance and things you like to do besides your job.

-  Experience with functional programming and strongly typed languages.

-  Experience with building complex and reliable service architectures.

-  Passion for writing clean and testable code.

-  Worked in an agile team and are passionate about agile practices.

-  Worked with code reviews and feel comfortable with having your code reviewed by the team.

-  Willingness to learn new technologies and adopt new tools.

How to apply?

We love to see some work that you have done and are proud of. Do you have open source code on Github or a portfolio of projects you worked on? Maybe you like to write about programming or have presented at conferences? Great! We’d love to have a look.

To apply send us your CV in Swedish or English.

We'll be offering a fast-paced environment where focus lies on having fun, exploring new
technology and creating great features for our customers. We also offer stock options. 

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