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Claims Specialist - Denmark

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Every year billions of euros in personal accident insurance compensation are left unclaimed by insured individuals! Why so? 

One of the biggest reasons is that it is incredibly complicated to go through an insurance claim process. Also, it requires both time, knowledge, and a lot of patience from the injured individual. 

We are Insurello, and we develop the first digital solution that helps people claim their accident insurance compensation instantly online, saving time, simplifying the process, and optimising the level of their compensation. With that, we want to ensure fair compensations for all, changing the insurance landscape for the better, both in Sweden and abroad. 


What have we accomplished? 

We're currently helping 80 000+ people claim their insurances through our platform, and the user count is growing by the hour! 

We were awarded the Start-up of the Year award by Business Challenge, and top-100 InsurTech start-ups in the world by Fintech Global

Since 2018 we have raised more than 100 million SEK from leading Venture Capitalist firms and trusted investors who've brought in not just money but credibility, network, and business assets

We have built a winning team of ~80 fantastic and highly motivated Insurellians based in our HQ in central Stockholm. During the first half of 2020, we have doubled the team! 

Are we looking for you?

A key component in the company strategy ahead will be to expand our award-winning business to other geographical markets, and the first one is Denmark.

Therefore, we are looking for you, a Claims Specialist, who will take a key role in establishing Insurello's services on the Danish market. More precisely, you would be one of the first members of the local Danish team and play an essential role in Insurello's launch and growth in Denmark. You will be working hands-on with customer claims and build expertise and structure around the service.

The responsibilities will include but not be limited to:
  • Handling and solving customers' insurance claims
  • Contacting customers (i.e., calling and e-mailing) to get a full picture of their insurance claims
  • Solving tricky cases in a time-effective matter with, e.g., complicated accident case or treatment timelines
  • Building and internally sharing knowledge about the Danish personal accident insurance market, its laws, and processes
  • Helping developing processes and templates needed for the Danish market and continuously optimising these to achieve operational excellence.
We believe that you are:
  • Fluent both in Danish and English. Our internal language is English, but this role has Danish proficiency as a prerequisite 
  • Probably early in career, yet 2 – 3 years experience of handling personal accident claims is highly meriting
  • Strong at researching and building knowledge
  • A passionate person for delivering high-quality customer service and value
  • Able to create structures where they haven't existed before, yet be able to refine these structures continuously in an agile way
  • Exited to work in a high paced start-up with a higher purpose (helping people and not just making money)
  • Thriving working in an ever-changing environment because you see this environment as an opportunity for your own growth.

Why join us?

We are convinced that we have a product that will aid millions of people and move an extremely sluggish industry towards a positive and customer-friendly direction. At the same time, we know that the key to success is the right people, working together in a functioning team, always having fun, and getting challenged continuously.

  • We are all passionate about the meaningful service that our brand, product, and Insurellians provide, helping consumers get the right and more fair compensation;
  • With this role, we present a unique opportunity to join the business during a very exciting time! It is both developing, rewarding, and essential role for the next phase in the company's development;
  • You'll be joining the existing Expansion team, currently comprising eight members, so you are not on your own!
  • We focus on creating an intuitive and inspiring customer experience that is also streamlined and visually appealing to various demographics;
  • We're always focusing our efforts on creating an equal and flat environment and absolute passion for high-quality service, innovation, and growth

That right applies to all. Here you can read a few of our stories

We hope you want to be a part of our team and help us succeed in our ambitious journey! Please apply with your CV and a short pitch in English, so we could get to know you a little better. 

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Våra kunder upplever oss som hjälpsamma och pålitliga och precis så vill vi vara mot varandra också!

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